Welcome to the Aseema Trust

The Aseema Trust was founded to build bridges between traditional performing arts and education and Mahatma Gandhi and his ideas of truth and non violence inside and outside schools for young and old. Founded by V.R.Devika in 1998, it is managed by Coordinator and finance manager Vasantha Parthasharathy and a large team of resource persons.

The Aseema Trust is nurtured by the partnerships it has built with NGOs and other organizations over the years nationally and internationally.

V.R.Devika gave a presentation on Nataraja on 22nd December 2016, was a resource person for Natya Darshan dance conference 16, 17, 18 December, a book authored by V.R.Devika was released on 15 December 2016, V.R.Devika did a story telling session at Bharatha Kalanjali on 25th November 2016, gave a presentation on "Khadi - When the Sartorial became the Political" at Apparao Galleries for the Yarn club on 22 November 2016, (The Hindu Metroplus report)  gave away the championship trophy at the talent hunt for government schools of Cognisant on 20th November 2016, was featured in the Adyar Times of 12th November 2016, did a story telling session at Besant Arundale School, Kalakshetra on 10th November 2016. V.R.Devika and Vasantha Parthasharathy visited  Bridavan Public School in  Athur, Chenglepet for giving a presentation on Gandhi on 25th October 2016. V.R.Devika was the guest of honour at The Bliss Catchers event of AVIS and Vaani Anand on 22nd October 2016.
Mr.K.R.A.Narasiah, renowned scholar, wrote about The Aseema Trust in Adyar Times