Welcome to the Aseema Trust

The Aseema Trust was founded to build bridges between traditional performing arts and education and Mahatma Gandhi and his ideas of truth and non violence inside and outside schools for young and old. Founded by V.R.Devika in 1998, it is managed by Coordinator and finance manager Vasantha Parthasharathy and a large team of resource persons.

The Aseema Trust is nurtured by the partnerships it has built with NGOs and other organizations over the years nationally and internationally.

Dr.V.R.Devika presented  a lecture demonstration on Therukoothu at the national seminar at Kalakshetra on 25th December 2018, lit the lamp and inaugurated the folk and tribal dance festival of Sangeet Natak Academy in Kochi on 20th December 2018, gave a talk on Mahatma Gandhi at Dharani in Kochi on 19th December 2018.Kalakshetra and a tour of Kalakshetra to 190 students from Emerald Valley School of Salem on 15th December 2018, to a group from Denmark on 13th December, conducted a workshop for teachers on English language teaching at Vedanta Academy in Vanagaram on 8th December 2018, gave an introduction to Kalakshetra to the Saudi Ambassador to India on 7th December 2018, a lecture demonstration on Bharathanatyam with Rukminidevi Natyakshetra at Dakshinachitra on 6th December 2018, tour of Kalakshetra for a group from the US on 5th December 2018, Was in New Delhi editing a journal on folk forms of India for Sangeet Natak academy the whole of November, gave a talk on Nataraja and the cosmos at the University of Madras on 15th October 2018, was a chief guest at the Bharathanatyam performance of Nrithya Pillai on 13th October 2018, attended a session on Dr.Muthulakshmi Reddy at Prajna archives, Gandhi connect sessions were conducted at Velammal School on 4th October  2018, Patashaala Vallipuram on 3rd October 2018, Patashaala Nungambakkam on 1st October 2018, at Kalakshetra on 29th September 2018, at JS Global school on 28th September and at  Indian Institute of Information technology and design on 27th September 2018.
The Aseema Trust conducted a two day workshop for the mothers of SOS children's villages, South India at Bengaluru on 20th and 21st September 2018 with resource persons Thilagavathi Palani, Vijaya Ramkumar and Ramya Rajasekhar.
Dr. V.R.Devika gave two presentations on Gandhi at Besant Arundale School, Kalakshetra on 18th September 2018.
Dr. V.R.Devika gave a workshop to teachers of Rishis International School Chennai on performing arts in education on 8th September 2018
Dr.V.R.Devika explained all about Kalakshetra to a group of French ladies
on 27th August 2018.



Dr.V.R.Devika was the guest of honor at the flag hoisting for Independence Day at MOP Vaishnav College, Chennai on 15th August 2018


Dr.V.R.Devika gave a presentation on Tamil theater Kattaikuttu / Therukoothu at SS Jain College on 13th August 2018. Kattaikuttu artist Thilagavathi Palani demonstrated.



Dr.V.R.Devika gave four presentations on Gandhi and n folk arts at ISHA Schools and for sthayi in Coimbatore on 10th – 12th August 2018.



Dr.V.R.Devika was invited to give an illustrated talk on "RecaliberatingMadras for Gen next" at the Observer research foundation and  “Nataraja and the cosmos” at the Pallava festival of Indisha on

4th August 2018

Dr.V.R.Devika gave a presentation on Dr.Muthulakshmi Reddy and Rukminidevi Arundale at Kalakshetra on 21st July 2018


Dr.V.R.Devika gave an illustrated talk on “Intersections of peace Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King jr and Nelson Mandela at the American Centre of the US Consulate in Chennai on 19th July 2018. There was a live link with an audience in the American Centre at Jalalabad, Kyrgyzstan.



Dr. V.R.Devika presented a paper at the national seminar “Shresta Bharath -  Samskruthi Samagam” of Sangeet Natak Academy on 13th July 2018 at Bhubaneswar.