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Prayatnam, a group of teachers of Bharathanatyam organised to help each other with better teaching tools, choreography etc is doing a tremendous job. They asked me to give a presentation on Nataraja and the Cosmos for their annual day on 6th November 2022. What was extremely heartening for me was that they presented my book on Dr.Muthulakshmi Reddy as a gift to the teachers of Bharathanatyam who participated. So gratifying. I knew I had a good story with the Dr.Muthulakshmi Reddy monograph as what the students of dance hear is one sided story from outsiders blaming her for removing dance from the Devadasis. What she banned was the practice of dedicating girls as Devadasis. The dance was allowed to be learnt and performed publicly only by those who were dedicated. Read my book to know the story. That the book is receiving an enormous positive response from readers is so so incredibly unexpected and so very heartwarming

Received a very warm welcome in Pudukkottai 



Well you must purchase the book on Dr.Muthulakshmi Reddy by Dr.V.R.Devika to know. Here is the link for that.

Endorsements About the Book

1.Narayani Ganesh
4.Gagandeep Singh