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Events 2006
24-07-2012 11:38 IST

1 – 7 January 2006, Coordinated and directed a programme of folk arts by children at the gift of Magi festival on the invitation of the mayor of the city of Madrid, Spain

8th January 2006, Performance of the programme done in Madrid in Chennai in the open courtyard in Mylapore.

18 – 22nd January 2006, "Tree of Life – story telling and puppet festival "
Spinning workshops in six schools i.e. Vidya Sagar, St.Louis School for the deaf, Vidyodaya, Vidya Mandir, Avvai Home, The School KFI.

30th January 2006, Workshop on Gandhi and spinning at Hindu senior secondary school, showing of the film on Gandhi at Vidyodaya, spinning workshop for German students on an exchange programme at Dakshinachitra.

31st January 2006, Facilitated the visit of the German students to Mamallapuram and to the Tsunami affected Nemmeli Kuppam.

15th February 2006, V.R.Devika Compered the programme of Srilankan folk dances organized by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations.

19th and 20th February 2006, V.R.Devika Facilitated the visit of Virginia Kirkwood, a board member of World Ed Boston to look at projects in Chennai. Visited SOS Children’s Village, Nalamdana adolescent girls programme at Urur Kuppam, Tsunami affected Nemmeli Kuppam, Dakshinachitra heritage centre, Centre for training of the blind (Darshini), Karnaprayag receiving centre for abandoned babies.

26th February 2006, V.R.Devika Facilitated the visit of a group of schoolteachers from Canada at Dakshinachitra. Spinning workshop etc.

3rd March 2006, V.R.Devika gave an illustrated talk on crafts in folk performing arts at the Lalit Kala Akademi at the Paramparik Karigar exhibition of crafts.

9th March 2006, A demonstration and lecture on Theru koothu by V.R.Devika at Dakshinachitra for theater students of Semester at Sea.

10th March 2006, Indian Mythology story telling session by V.R.Devika for students of semester at sea at Dakshinachitra.

10th March 2006, Organized a concert of carnatic music on violin by 25 child students of CARVA music institute for chamber of commerce.

16th March 2006, All India Radio recorded a discussion on heritage conservation with Deborah Thiagarajan to be broadcast on April 18th, International Heritage Conservation day.

24th March 2006, V.R.Devika external examiner for theater option students at Stella Maris College and a lecture to the students.

26th March 2006, V.R.Devika chief guest at the release of a children’s book and distribution of course completion certificate at the Kattaikoothu School’s new building opening in Kanchipuram.

3rd April 2006, Meeting with Dr.M.S.Swaminathan and Sarvodaya International. V.R.Devika requested to be a trustee of Sarvodaya International in recognition of her work in spreading Gandhian ideals.

13th April 2006, Forum on women at the Forum gallery organized by Dakshinachitra for brain storming for programmes.

18th April 2006, Workshop for RASA center for special children

23rd May 2006, V.R.Devika gave a whole day workshop on dance in the classroom for 60 resource persons from all over the state. Had a meeting with the director.

25th may 2006, V.R.Devika had One-hour video conference with 800 teachers from all over the state on dance in education.

28th May 2006, Minister of education of tamilnadu govt. honored V.R.Devika at a function to inaugurate the workshops on multiple intelligences all over the state.

1st July 2006, Book release on thiruporur at Dakshinachitra by tourism minister, V.R.Devika compered the programme

12th July 2006, V.R.Devika took the SAGE troupe to Kodaikanal

13th July 2006, V.R.Devika conducted Morning class on Indian history and religions and in Afternoon, visit to a Hindu temple and Christian church with SAGE group.

14th July 2006, V.R.Devika conducted Morning class on Tamil language and in Afternoon a visit to women’s development project / hill village.

15th July 2006, V.R.Devika took class on Indian politics.

16th July 2006, V.R.Devika took the group to Aranmula, Kerala
Trip at Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary
Evening orientation to Vijnana Kala Vedi Cultural Center

17th July 2006, Art, music and dance classes at the Vijnana Kala Vedi Cultural Center with SAGE group lead by V.R.Devika.

Tappattam organized by Aseema Trust for Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan at a function arranged at Anna Institute inaugurated by education Minister, government of Tamilnadu- function focused on how to improve the reading talent among students. Manikandan & group played Tappattam.

18th July 2006, Art, music and dance classes at the Vijnana Kala Vedi Cultural Center with SAGE group lead by V.R.Devika.

30th July 2006, Founder’s day celebration at Avvai Home. Performance by the teacher trainees and school students. Song choreographed by Ms.Dayalakshmi

7th September 2006, 6:30PM-8:00PM -PERFORMANCE: ATTAM - Regional dances of south India
Performances of Koodiattam, Therukoottu, Ottantullal, Silambam, and Kalari Payattu

8th September 2006, 12 noon – Attam performance at the Millennium park
1:15PM-3:00PM WORKSHOP: Koodiattam 1:15PM-3:00PM WORKSHOP: Kalari Payattu.

9th September 2006,Attam artists honored in Chicago by the malayali association

10th September 2006, V.R.Devika panelist at a discussion on new strategies for dance in Chicago

11th September 2006, V.R.Devika’s meeting at northern Illinois University and her presentation of an illustrated talk on Gandhi fro doctor level students at NIU

2nd October 2006,Workshop by V.R.Devika for children on art and peace with story telling and movement.

8th October 2006, The Aseema Trust was a partnership organization in celebrating 100 years of Satyagraha by Gandhi at Gandhi Mandapam with folk performing arts.

16th December 2006, Interaction and Performance by the Cambodian musicians in Kalakshetra.
Cambodian musicians to Kanchipuram. Interaction with Kattai Koothu artists
Screening and Performance by the Cambodian musicians and Indian musicians in Kattai Kuttu center

17th December 2006, Guided visit to vaikunta Permual temple and interaction with Kattai koothu artists.

Interaction with students of Jaiganesh Talavadya Vidalaya of Sri T.H. Vinayakram.

18th December 2006,Cambodian and Indian musicians combined recording session at Sruthilaya, under the direction of Shri.Vikku Vinayak Ram.

Cambodian living art programme screening of the film The flute player and performance by the Cambodian musicians at Ahumcaara.