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Kelir, Kelir...
13-08-2013 16:33 IST

Traditional Performing Arts, Education, Mahatma Gandhi ……………..

Aseema is a Sanskrit word meaning no boundaries…..

Kelir, Kelir

The Aseema Trust wishes to release an audio CD for schools in Tamilnadu to use. The trust has been working at building bridges between traditional performing arts and education through assembly demonstrations and teacher workshops. The Aseema Trust has also reached thousands of children through Gandhi connect sessions looking at self and society.




Because the future of our country depends on young minds and education is an integral component. In a violent world that we inhabit, an album of this sort, is, a breath of fresh air, and brimming with hope, optimism and the importance of peace in our lives. 



Creation and launch of an exclusive music album/audio CD for free distribution in schools across Tamil Nadu. Comprising six tracks in Tamil, sourced and recorded especially for this project, the common factor among the songs is the idea and importance of peace education, a virtue, a value that is imperative and can be inculcated through a medium that children, across the world, identify with – music. As many as 1,000 CDs will be distributed, free of cost to schools. The six songs in the album are the following:


1.     Kelir Kelir: Tamil translation of Suno Suno Ai Duniawalo Bapuji ki Amar Kahani sung by Mohommad Rafi in 1948. This song will be recorded by a young musician, Hariprashanth with children in chorus

2.     Aadu Raattai: A song eulogising the spinning wheel made famous by D K Pattammal in 1941

3.     Verunkai Enbathu Moodatanam un Viralgal Pattum Mooladanam: A song on the importance of being active and self-reliant

4.     Chakram Chakram Sulaladu Sulaladu: A song of and by children

5.     Engal Vazhkai Engall Kayyil: A song recorded by the well-known classical vocalist, Sikkil Gurucharan with children in chorus

6.     Ahimsa Devi: A song recorded exclusively for this project by Oscar nominee, Bombay Jayashri


A collaboration idea initiated by Chennai-based The Aseema Trust and Rukminidevi Natyakshetra, with organisational support from Aalaap for the release, the project is in continuation of The Aseema Trust’s guiding principle – to build bridges between traditional performing arts and education.


August 30, 2013


Sivagami Pethachi Auditorium, Mylapore, Chennai


The event, held to mark the release of the CD, will begin with a performance of Kelir Kelir by 20 students of the Rukminidevi Natyakshetra and a performance of Aadu Raattai by tribal students of Vidya Vanam school for tribal children in Anaikkatti (near Coimbatore).  This will be followed by the release of a CD by the Chief Guest followed by a performance of a Tillanna by the students of the Rukminidevi Natyakshetra