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Events 2012
05-09-2012 20:22 IST

Events 2012

August 2012

Sangeeta Isvaran's project MaARTram (Art for Change)  on in different places in the city of Chennai.
V.R.Devika did a Gandhi and Madras session for Patashala on 28th August 2012, was the chief guest at , The School KFI  for Independence Day, Asan Memorial School for Madras Day and APL Global School for their Synergy programme,  gave a talk on "Why Gandhi now?" for International Women's Association.  She was interviewed on  Radio FM Chennai live 104.8  on  Independence Day.  She also gave eight minute talks on Mahatma Gandhi on Doordarshan's Podhigai TV Channel on August 11, 18, 25, and September 1, 2012

Nirupama Nityanandan gave a theater workshop at AMM School . The participants shared their experience with The School KFI students on 29th August 2012
The Aseema Trust presented "Sri Aandal Puranam" by Rukminidevi Natyakshetra at Kalakshetra on 18th August 2012. Shri Gopalkrishna Gandhi, Chairman Kalakshetra was the chief guest.

V.R.Devika compered an American programme for ICCR on 8th August 2012. She was asked to light the lamp at the launch of an audio book on Manohar and Mahema Devadoss by Charkha books of Karadi Tales company on 7th August 2012.

V.R.Devika compered the Citizens Run on 5th August 2012.  


July 2012

Nirupama Nityanandan began her theatre workshop at AMM School.

V.R.Devika recorded a five segment session on Gandhi and Freedom for Doordarshan Podhigai TV Channel.

V.R. Devika was asked to be part of experts panel for South Zone Cultural Centre.

V.R. Devika attended a weeklong workshop on Natyashastra conducted by Dr.Pappu Venugoapala Rao and organised by ABHAI. 9th to 14th July 2012

The Aseema Trust facilitated and presented folk dances from  Gujarat and Karnataka at Sri Krishna Gana Sabha with South Zone Cultural Centre for school children on 5th and 6th July 2012. Also at Dakshinachitra on 4th July 2012.

V.R.Devika presented a ppt on Rukminidevi Arundale and Bharathanatyam at Rukminidevi Natyakshetra on 1st July 2012.

Kannan Kumar continued his Oyilattam , Devarattam and Tappattam sessions at Shriram Matriculation School, Thiruneermalai.


June 2012

V.R.Devika attended conference on education conducted by common school programme on 30th June 2012.

V.R.Devika attended the Gharana music festival of Prakriti Foundation at Kalakshetra on 28th, 27th and 26th June 2012.

V.R. Devika did a story telling session on Gandhi and a demonstration of spinning on the Charkha at Shriram Matriculation School, Thiruneermalai 18th June 2012.

V.R Devika facilitated shooting of a culture episode on Dakshinachitra for Doordarshan  Bharathi Channel. 11th June 2012.

V.R. Devika was asked to be part of experts panel for South Zone Cultural Centre.

May 2012

Workshop on arts at SOS Children’s Village, Tambaram. 3rd to 30th May 2012

V.R.Devika in France to attend a meeting of International Partnership network. 15th to 28th May 2012.

Tiffany Frankie’s visit to Chennai for Yale fellows interviews and documentation. 2 to 10th


April 2012

V.R.Devika spoke at a meeting of ABHAI 28th April 2012.

Rukmini Devi Natyakshetra annual programmes 27, 26 and 25th April 2012.

V.R.Devika was consulted by South Zone Cultural Centre.

Banumathy gave a puppetry workshop at SOS Children’s village  and the children performed on 20th April 2012.

V.R.Devika went to Panchkula as a consultant of South Zone Cultural centre for the silver jubilee celebrations of zonal cultural centres by the Ministry of Culture. 10th to 17th April 2012.

March 2012

Trustees meeting 27th March 2012.

V.R. Devika guided visitors at Mamallapuram, Dakshinachitra and Kanchipuram 21st and 22nd March 2012

V.R. Devika was chief guest at Learning Tree school annual day 14th March 2012.

V.R.Devika spoke at Women Managers programme at Taj Coramandal organised by MMA,  Compered Birudu award giving programme at Dakshinachitra 10th March 2012.

V.R. Devika was given an award Manita Neya Panpalar by Lioness club of Mylapore. 5th March 2012.

V.R.Devika guided visitors at Swamimalai, Darasuram and Tanjavur at the Sacred Music Festival of Prakriti Foundation. 2nd to 4th March 2012.

February 2012

V.R.Devika did a spinning and Gandhi connect session at Corporation School, Saidapet. 27th February 2012.

V.R.Devika at Rukmini devi natyakshetra 26th February 2012.

V.R.Devika chief guest at PS High School 25th February 2012.

V.R.Devika gave a lecture demonstration of Therukoothu at Svanubhava in Trichy for school children. 24th February 2012.

Meeting at Avvai Home 20th February 2012.

V.R.Devika’s Gandhi connect session at Corporation School McNicolson Road. 17th February 2012.

V.R.Devika’s Gandhi connect session at American International School 15th February 2012.

V.R.Devika gave a talk on crafts and folk performing arts for school children at TAG centre. 14th February 2012.

V.R. Devika attended a Seminar on Gandhi at Gandhi Darshan New Delhi, 11th February 2012.

V.R.Devika’s Gandhi Connect session at DPS Dwaraka, New Delhi. 10th February 2012.

V.R.Devika on experts panel at Ministry of Culture New Delhi 9th February 2012.

The Aseema Trust presented Kuchipudi Samavesh in association with South Zone Cultural Centre at Kalakshetra 2nd and 3rd February 2012.

January 2012.

V.R. Devika’s Gandhi connect session at Vidyodaya School. 31st January 2012.

Sarovadya Day conclusion of camp at Besant Theosophical School 30th January 2012.

Peace camp for children at Besant Theosophical School 23 – 30th January 2012

Lecture demonstration on Bharathanatyam at Dakshinachitra 27th January 2012.

Meetings for South Zone Cultural Centre.

Tree of Life festival 20th, 21st and 22nd January 2012.

Gandhi Connect session at Shriram Matriculation School, Thiruneermalai 18th January 2012.

Trustees Meeting 14th January 2012

V.R.Devika’s Gandhi Connect session at Caliber academy’s Mrs.YGP School 13th January 2012

V.R.Devika gave a presentation on Nataraja icon 8th January 2012.

Facilitated a workshop for school kids at Dakshinachitra with students from the Wooster College, USA. 4th  January 2012.

Lecture demonstration on Bharathanatyam  with Anita Murthy at Dakshinachitra 3rd January 2012

Facilitated a visit to Kalakshetra and a talk on Montessory for students from The Wooster College, USA 2nd Janruary 2012

Performing arts in education session at Sri Shankara Vidhyashramam with students of Wooster College, USA. 2nd January 2012.

Gandhi Connect presentation and Charkha demonstration at Dakshianchitra 1st January 2012