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April to November 2017
16-02-2018 14:49 IST

Dr.V.R.Devika presented Therukoothu for Svanubhava at the Asian College of Journalism on 10th November 2017, took part in the centenary celebrations of women's Indian association on 7th October 2017, took part in the "Empathy with nature" camp for school children at Vallipuram on 5th October, Presented dance drama "Gandhi" by C.P.Satyajit and took part in the dry composting toilet compost harvest on 2nd October, presented an audio visual on "When the sartorial became the political" at Patashaala on 1st October 2017.

Dr.V.R.Devika presented a Bharathanatyam and Folk dance programme by Rukminidevi Natyakashetra at Dakhinachitra on 30th September 2017, was in the folk and tribal arts panel at Sangeet Natak Academy in New Delhi on 26th September, Played Veena at RNF on 23rd September, gave a presentation on artistic inspirations at Pathashaala on 20th September, Compered a show from Malaysia for ICCR on 19th September, gave a presentation on Tanjavur Brihadeeswara temple at Patashaala on 13th September and  on Musica Prodigies on 6th September, On Tanjavur at at Besant Arundale school on 5th September, attended the new building opening at Pathashaala on 2nd September, gave a presentation on Madras Day and the Solar eclipse on 23rd September, gave a presentation on Gandhi at Samanvaya leadership programme on 22 August, was at Dakshinachitra with Yakshagana artist Sivananda Hegde on 18th August, gave a presentation on Varahamihira on 16th  August, narrated a performance on Gandhi at Narada Gana Sabha on 15th August, gave a presentation on Rukminidevi at Besant Arundale school on 8th August, a presentation on Raramuri on 2nd August, was on the panel discussion on contribution of A.K.Ramanujan at Forum Gallery on 31st July, read Kannada poems of A.K.Ramanujan at Forum Gallery on 13th July, was the guide at Kalakshetra for a TAFE group on 11th July, was on the sexual harrassment committee at the AG's Office on 7th July, did a story telling session at Besant Arundale School on 4th July 2017, took part in the tribute to Tappattam artist Rangarajan at JanakiMGR college on 25th June 2017, did story telling session at government primary school at Thirupugazhur on 20th June 2017, was at Kalakshetra on 19th June 2017, participated in the puppetry meeting at the Sangeet Natak Akademi in New Delhi on 14th June 2017, was at the National Seed Festival on 11th June 2017, Sumitra M.Gautama and Dr.V.R.Devika conducted a workshop on "Empathy in the classroom" for teachers of Balamandir on 31st May 2017. Dr.V.R.Devika gave a presentation on Nataraja and the cosmos on 12th May 2017 and on Mahatma Gandhi on 11th May 2017 at Brockwood Park School, Hamphshire, UK, visited Theatre du Soleil in Paris, France on 13th and 14th May 2017, gave a presentation on Gandhi and a demonstration of the spinning on Charkha at Bharathakalanjali on 1st May 2017, on Kalakshetra to teachers from Trichy on 22nd April 2017, Vasantha Parthasharathy and Dr.V.R.Devika were at Rukminidevi Natyakshetra's Kalasampada on 23rd and 21st April 2017, on Ajantha caves and passion in arts at Patashaala on 19th April, and  Keezhadi excavations at Pathashaala on 12th April 2017,