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April 2019
25-04-2019 21:31 IST


Dr.V.R.Devika gave a presentation on "Nataraja and the cosmos" on 21st April 2019 for Dr.Lakshmi Ramaswamy’s Sri Mudhraalaya at Wandering artist

Some responses….



Akka! It was yet another illuminating session as we got soaked in 'significance' spread on the 'cosmos' as illustrated in the 'Nataraja'!!. Thanks for your story telling mode loaded with information and sharing with such generosity!!” – Dr.Lakshmi Ramaswamy

“Enjoyed your talk today so much.” Nithya Balaji.

“The 100 min session made a lot of connection between the physics and dance with I never knew before. The most interesting part was teaching us all the physics in a story pattern. We enjoyed every bit of the session and would love to listen more from you mam” – Manasa KB.

“Great takes a life time to understand and research these concepts.. given to us in a 100 minute nut shell.. Really amazing.. Thanks” – Aparna Krishnamoorthy.

“To know about the Cosmos.. Constellations.. Our ancestors..their imaginations.. Connections with our ever vibrant Nataraja and more... What an enlightening session mam..” Preethi M. Shankar

“This talk was a definite eye-opener for all of us and it definitely made us contemplate and know more about cosmos and how everything is connected to it. Just can't wait for yet another interesting session like this! Thank you” – Dhivya Shrilakshmi.

“Thank you mam Dr.V.R.Devika for the time. It was enlightening. It felt like 100 minutes was not enough. Wanna learn more and more. Was interesting to listen to so many stories. Loved it.” – Lalitha Narasimhan.