Welcome to the Aseema Trust

The Aseema Trust was founded to build bridges between traditional performing arts and education and Mahatma Gandhi and his ideas of truth and non violence inside and outside schools for young and old. Founded by V.R.Devika in 1998, it is managed by Coordinator and finance manager Vasantha Parthasharathy and a large team of resource persons.

The Aseema Trust is nurtured by the partnerships it has built with NGOs and other organizations over the years nationally and internationally.

The Aseema Trust is involved in applying for the UNESCO recognistion for Bharathavizha festivals of northern Tamilnadu and organised the filming at Mamallapuram on 24th February 2021.
Dr.V.R.Devika gave a talk on Rukminidevi Arundale for RLV Rasikagruha on 21st February 2021, gave a story session on Bharathanatyam for Dr.Sundanda Nair on 13th February 2021, attended a meeting for Vishaka committee of AG's office on 11th February 2021, did story telling on Gandhi with spinning and showing of videos with Vedanth Bharadwaj singing for village volunteers at State Institute for Rural Development on 27th January 2021, was guest of honour for Republic Day at Patashaala on 26th January 2021,was chief guest at SOS Children's village day on 25th January 2021,attended a meeting at department of Art and Culture govt of Tamilnadu on 22nd January 2021, 
attended a meeting as NGO representative for committee on sexual harrassment at workssplace at AG's office on 18th January 2021,
gave a talk for Navadarshanan on 16th January 2021,  on "Collective consciousness in ritualistic performances of Tamilnadu" for Tamilnadu Dr.J.Jayalalita music and fine arts university on 31st December 2020, took part in a discussion on reform and revival movements in dance with Re-cognizing dance on 22nd December 2020, did an instragram tribute to The Dhananjayans on Radhika Shurjit's page on 20th December 2020, did a story session for Navadarshana on 19th December 2020, had a meeting for UNESCO intangible heritage tag for Bharathakoothu festivals of Tamilnadu at the office of Commissioner art and culture on 15th December 2020, at the office of the secretary culture and tourism, Govt of Tamilnadu with advisor Vishalam Ramanathan and Sashikant Anathachari on 2nd December 2030,participated in an instragram session on the December Margazhi music season for Aalaap with Dr.Narthaki Nataraj on 1st December 2020, did a session on "Kanchi:exploring unexplored layers" for SS Jain college on line on 26th November 2020, did a story session for Navadarshana on 21st November 2020, 

Several years ago, I had read somewhere that in Jain literature there are 60 names for Ahimsa Devi. I got the names and requested Bombay Jayashri to sing them as a viruttam at home to teach the meanings with simple Abhinaya to Avvai Home girls in their NSS camp. She said why at home, I will go to a studio and record it. She also suggested Veena by Anantapadmanabhan and Tabla by Sai Shravanam and did not take any fee for herself or the studio of Sai Shravanam. I did voice over with English meaning. This we taught as a dance to Avvai Home girls in NSS camp at Kanathoor and they performed it at Avvai Home with Bombay Jayashri as the chief guest. 
Premnath, director of Rukminidevi Natyakashetra, has now choregraphed Sixty names of Ahimsa Devi" with six of his students and has recorded a video of it.
For this Deepavali, we want to dedicate it to the girls and women of Avvai Home. The video was premiered at 5 pm on Deepavali day 14th November 2020 on the youtube channels of The Aseema Trust and Rukminidevi Natyakshetra. Please join in.
Finance manager Vasantha Parthasharathy joins me in wishing you a great Deepavali and relief from the Pandemic.

Here is the link for the youtube page of Ahimsa Devi dance production.
Ahimsadevi : Her sixty names






Illustrated Talks on Mahatma Gandhi with demonstration of spinning on the Charkha, talks 

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